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INCRA is a pattern design studio with a trajectory of more than 25 years, located in Barcelona. We are a creative team of professionals from different sectors. Analyzing the latest trends, observing the colorways and constantly looking for new ideas and sources of inspiration, we design our collections to meet our customer’s expectations.

 All our designs are based on handmade drawings and then digitized. We use different plastic techniques such as gouache, inks, watercolor, collage, etc., in addition to using

digital tools, which far from replacing these artistic techniques enhance them, opening up an infinite range of possibilities.

 We have a collection of "vintage" designs that offer endless resources for the creation, design and development of your new collections. This allows us to offer a greater variety of designs, both classic and contemporary, that will give different textures, color and dynamism to the fabrics, turning the final garments into pieces with a lot of personality.
We design for different sectors, from home textile to fashion, swimwear, stationery and any other surface.


INCRA® is a registered trademark. All designs on this website are INCRA’s property. Any total or partial reproduction thereof is expressly prohibited.

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